Tobacco is one of the greatest threats to health.

It is estimated that in the 21st century one billion people will die from tobacco induced disease.
The epidemic is rapidly shifting from the developed to the
developing world. Decisive action is long overdue.
Doctors play a vital part in reducing preventable illness and
death. But tobacco is not just a matter for doctors.
National governments and international bodies must also act.
The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control will
establish an internationally binding treaty to protect the public
health against tobacco. Doctors believe that the Framework
Convention must be firmly rooted in the scientific evidence.
We call on all governments to ensure that the Framework Convention
includes strategies proven to reduce tobacco consumption, including
measures to:
● Include clear, informative health warnings on every packet
● End misleading claims that some cigarettes are safer
than others
● Increase the price of tobacco through taxation
● End tobacco advertising
● Protect non-smokers from tobacco smoke
Doctors have a duty to promote the highest possible standards of health.
Our manifesto calls on national governments and
international bodies to ensure that this fundamental principle is
enshrined at the heart of the Framework Convention.

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