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The Doctors’ Manifesto for Global Tobacco Control, was launched on Monday 21 October during the negotiations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The Manifesto, supported by medical associations worldwide, includes statements from 30 eminent doctors in both developed and developing countries. The document sets out measures which have proven to be most effective in reducing tobacco-related death and thus measures that doctors wish to see in the treaty.

We call on all governments to ensure that the Framework Convention includes strategies proven to reduce tobacco consumption, including measures to:


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European Forum of Medical Associations

European medical professionals have first-hand knowledge of the human misery andsuffering caused by tobacco. Doctors have an ethical responsibility to act to protect theirpatients and improve the public health.EFMA has long recognised the importance of both international scientific and technicalcooperation and of action by governments and international bodies in tackling

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Commonwealth Medical Association

Tobacco use causes many life-threatening diseases. The control of the tobacco epidemic –and protection from promotion of tobacco use for commercial gain – are extremely importantto the doctors of the Commonwealth.Tobacco is of particular importance to developing countries, whose populations alreadysuffer disproportionately from infections such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.The

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World Medical Association

Physicians see, on a daily basis, the life-shattering effects of tobacco use, for those who smokeand those who inhale the smoke of others. Although physicians can play a very important rolein preventive and curative care, we must stand together in demanding effective regulation andlegislation, by government, to prevent this epidemic.The

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